Graphic from a study on sexism in imdb movie reviews by Jared J Brannan.

Jared Loves Puzzles

Jared was raised in the beautiful state of Washington where his drive to crack difficult problems began. As a child, Jared’s mother would often find him in his room surrounded by the remains of a new toy that she just bought for him. He wasn’t interested in playing with the toy. He wanted to know how it worked.

This part of Jared’s mind would prove to be insatiable. When he learned how to use a computer and of the existence of the Linux operating system, he made his mother proud by wiping her hard drive and loading Linux onto the machine. Quickly following, he learned how to program in Java to create mods for his favorite video games, and made his own server architectures on Raspberry Pis.

Today, Jared is still fascinated by all sorts of puzzles pertaining to math, computer science, and software security. He spends most of his time ripping apart software in his reverse engineering and website security lab and tinkering with mathematics.

Format string exploit Jared created for Protostar Format4.

He is currently a student at Washington State University studying mathematics as it pertains to abstract algebra, optimization, analysis, and computational applications of these disciplines.

When he isn’t tinkering with math and breaking software, Jared works on custom websites and website extensions primarily for the WordPress architecture. He also creates web scrapers and experiments with large data sets using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.